Top 7 Marketing Tools in 2021

When you search for the best marketing tools that can help your business grow, the results can be a little overwhelming. 15 years ago or so, you would have a handful of them, but today, there is plenty and plenty (and plenty) to choose from.

But let me simplify the list for you based on the tools I have tried over the last few years and mention the top tools you should be using in 2021.

1. Google Analytics

Still on the top list, Google Analytics is free to use and CRUCIAL to use in 2021. Google Analytics lets you analyze your website traffic at a deep level. It identifies the channels that are sending your site the most traffic, identifies the top-performing content on your site, and helps you create and track your goals.This amazing tool lets you analyze your website traffic. It tells you where the traffic is coming from (social media, Google, email, etc), it also tells you the country, device, even the city the person was coming from. What is also important to highight, is that Google Analytics tells you which pages have a high bounce rate

So, based on just the information mention, I can improve my website by optimizign the pages with high bounce rates, I can also use the audience information to target people with stronger ads and I know which channels are the best for my business.

2. Buffer

Social media is growing at a shockingly fast pace. It may be hard to keep up with posting engaging posts on all the channels, that is wh Buffer comes to rescue. With Buffer, you can schedule posts for all your social media channels.

Here is an example of how the scheduling looks like. Type your info, add a photo, choose a date and even time. That’s all! One of your marekting choires eased by Buffer.

3. Google Search Console

I absolutely love this tool. Google search console scans and analyzes your website pages and tell your how many clicks and impression a certain page received. Not only that, but it will tell you its search engin position adn Click -through rate

the screenschot above tells you what queries were types in Google by users., how many people clicked, how many people have seen your website in Google (impressions), the CTR. Based on what I see, I can tell that some of the queries have a low CTR, I would lke to improve it by getting more clicks. Therefore, I jump into writing better posts for those queries and try to optimize and improve already-publsihed articels and pages for those searches.

Google Search console is free but needs to be connected with your website. Talk to me if you help with setting up GSC with your business.

4. Mailchimp

You probaly have heard about this tool before. If not, now is the time because it is an important email-marketing platform. Schedule and send emails to your subscribers, similar to Buffer.

You can design your own template, get funky and add images and powerful links.

5. Bitly

Bitly is a link shortening tool. Have you ever copied and pasted a lnk from your website, perhaps a link to a webinar, post, or a brochure and ended up having a ridiculously long URL? Yeah, I get it. It doesn’t look attractive, that is why Bitly can shorten the link for you.

But the biggest reason why I am using Bitly, is because I want to track certain actions. Say, I added a banner on my website and I want to see how many people clicked on the banner. The tools tells me exactly how many people engaged with the banner. Or I would like to see if people are more likely to click on the red button, or blue button on the website.

I can do the same thing with images, post links, social media…. absolutely anything.

6. SEMRush

A fantastic and powerful tool, SEMRush lands on the list of top marketing tools in 2021.

So, what is SEMRush and why should you use it? Like the company describes, SEMrush is an SEO tool that does your keyword research, tracks the keyword strategy used by your competition, runs an SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinking opportunities and lots more.

7. Mention

Keep an eye on all your company’s mentions, even your competitor’s mentions!

Ok, so here is how the dashboard looks like. I want to see wh is mentioning the company Tesla. The tool is telling me who is commenting and mentioning Tesla on the social media. This is a great tool to stay in touch with all your followers who mention you. You can also track what is happening with your competitors.

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