Web Design – What it is & How to Create One Easily

Designing a website is an important part for any business. A beautiful design can attract customers and help reach companies’ goals. In this article we will cover what exactly is web design and how you can create one yourself, without any previous experience or coding skills.

Web Design

Web design is like the name suggests, it creates the overall look when you’re using a website. It’s the process of planning and building the elements of your website, from layout to images, colours, fonts and graphics.

Before Designing a Website

OK, so we covered what a design is and why it is important. To start a design, you first need a website. The shortest answer is that you get a domain name & hosting and from there, you can start the design. Think of it like a painter, in onrder to start painting, he needs a canva, right?

There are many website building plastforms, such as Wix, Squarespace, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to use WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular website builders as well.

How to Design a Website

Now that we covered how the website works, you can design a website. Again, there are many ways you can design a website, but we are going to go ahead and use plugins for this example.

  1. Install Plugins

Let’s go ahead and install a plugin on WordPress, called Elementor – this is a really easy website builder plugin, very user friendly. It is also very trustworthy and reliable. In your WordPress, go to plugins-add new-search for Elementor. Then install and activate.

2. Design your first page!

Once the Elementor is installed, go ahead and create a page. Give the page a title, publish and then click on Edit with Elementor

3. Choose your structure

Elementor offers many layouts, the way your content can be displayed. Go ahead and hit the red plus button first.

Now choose a stucture that suits you. The first rectangle means the content will be in full width, the second means that you can add content on the left and then right and so on. For this tutorial I am goign to use the second option.

4. Add content

Once I selected my structure, I can start adding my content. Click on the plus buttons. The menu on the left will show you all the possible content available, such as text, image, video, shortcodes, etc. Click and drag your content to the areas.

5. Below is how I added text and an image. You can change the size of both of them easily as well.

Go ahead and play around by adding more content. It is best to look at other websites for inspiration, especially when this is your fist website design.

Remember to save the design too! That’s pretty much how you can easily design a website with WordPress!

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